Meet Marley

Back when I was in college, my parents rescued this sweet dog when someone dropped her off in a cardboard box on the side of a road. She was the cutest puppy in the world and quickly broke down my parents’ long-standing rule of “no dogs sleep in the bed.” She’s still a championship cuddler (who will cuddle up with pretty much anyone who will sit and give her attention).

No, she’s not named for Bob Marley. Marley came to us about a week before Christmas, so we wanted to give her an appropriately seasonal name. It was surprisingly hard to think of something that wasn’t too cheesy. We finally decided to name her after Jacob Marley, a character in Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol. I might add that this Marley was named long BEFORE the book Marley and Me came out and made the name super popular. Just for the record.

Marley loves to be outside, whether that means going for a walk or just laying around in the backyard. I think she’d romp outside all day everyday if you let her.

Older now, Marley often enjoys napping on the couch, but she will sometimes join in rough-housing with her two doggie “brothers,” Corby and Abner . . . although she has little to no use for cousin Pacey.

Marley has been known to gobble up just about anything, but I like to think that my Peanut Butter Dog Biscuits are her favorite treat.


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