Meet Abner

AbnerA couple of years ago my mom stumbled upon an SPCA adoption fair. Being the softhearted dog lover that she is, she just couldn’t bear for the little Beagle-mix pup to go back to the shelter, so she brought him home. My parents decided to name their new puppy Abner—after Abner Doubleday, a Civil War general who fought at the Battle of Gettysburg and the fabled inventor of the game of baseball.

Abner is a quirkly little dog that has a few “issues” due to being abandoned and then living in the shelter for months, but he has a very sweet personality and is becoming more and more social all the time. Abner loves to play catch and to run around outside. If he catches the scent of an animal that has dared to venture into his backyard, his inner huntin’ dog comes out and he will relentlessly follow the trail as long as he can.

Abner’s favorite treats are my spinach-flavored Shamrock Biscuits.


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