DIY Slip-On Dog Collar Bandana

Pacey looking dashing in his new Slip-On Bandana. You might notice that he does NOT look too amused . . . perhaps he’s not into preppy prints as much as I am.

While I would say that my pup Pacey has at least tolerated most of the cute (some might say silly) accessories that I’ve made him wear over the years, he never seems to keep a bandana tied on very long. Like lots of dogs out there, he wriggles and chews and usually manages to lose the bandana in a matter of mere seconds. To avoid this pesky problem, a super smart blogger over at Crafty Critique has created a bandana that slips right onto your dog’s collar so that it stays in place. And since you don’t have to tie any knots, it’s much easier for you to take off and put on. Think of all of the seasonal bandana possibilities!

I am a novice seamstress at best, and I successfully whipped this bandana up in just a few minutes using some scrap fabric that I already had sitting around. Crafty Critique’s tutorial also includes a printable pattern, but I decided to make my own. I just measured out the shape using a ruler and cut it out of construction paper. The pattern size that I used (3-inch straight sides with 5-inch angled sides) fit my 15-pound chihuahua-mix perfectly, and I think that it’ll work well for most toy breeds.

Click the link below to see Crafty Critique’s full step-by-step tutorial:



Fabric scissors (I used pinking sheers to help keep the edges from fraying); pattern; scrap fabric; a few pins; plus, thread and a sewing machine or hand needle.

Fabric scissors (I used pinking sheers to help keep the edges of the fabric from fraying); bandana pattern; scrap fabric; a few straight pins; PLUS, an iron, some thread, and a sewing machine or hand needle.


Once I had the piece of fabric cut out (as you see in the photo above), I chose to hand-stitch my bandana. It’s such a small amount of sewing that I just sat and did the stitching while I watched a sit-com, but a sewing machine would be the simpler and faster way to do it. If you know that your dog is going to be really rough on the bandana, you probably want to choose to machine stitch so that the finished bandana is as sturdy and durable as can be. But whatever floats your boat.

The other place that I cut corners on the tutorial’s instructions is that I did not sew the extra line across the bandana to form a true pocket for the collar. After sewing the edges of the bandana as instructed, I flipped it right-side-out and called it a day. Again, if you want a sturdier, more professional looking product, go ahead and follow all of the steps of Crafty Critique’s tutorial. (As my blog followers may be starting to realize, I tend to be a little lazy when it comes to craft projects so I took the easy route. But I still think the bandana came out looking lovely.)

My finished Slip-On Dog Collar Bandana.

My finished Slip-On Dog Collar Bandana.

Just slide the finished bandana onto your dog's collar, and you're ready for action. No knots needed!

The finished bandana has a wide enough pocket that it should slide onto essentially any dog collar. My bandana fit easily over Pacey’s 1/2-inch wide collar with the buckle and dog tags attached too.

Now just slide the bandana onto your dog’s collar and you’re ready for action. No knots needed!


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